I'm Tania
better known as Coach T!


Certified Life & Business Coach

As a life coach, my first goal is to ensure that we have clarity around your expectations as you hire me to be your coach. Once we have defined and outlined what success looks like for you, then we can get the magic started!

As a life coach,
I'm all about ACTION.

Nothing in your day, week, month or life will EVER change if you do not take action. 



  • Life and success coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Goal coaching
  • Personal development coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Transitional coaching

coaching FORMATS

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Presentations and speeches

What is The
Process Like?

A 30 minute zoom meeting where you have the opportunity to share what you’re looking to achieve through hiring me as your coach. You have the ability to ask questions about my expertise, background, coaching structure and services.

A 1-hour consultation session is mandatory for all clients. A session where I collect data about your past, current status and most importantly all the objectives you want to accomplish. Think of it as if I’m building a road map for our road trip we are about to embark on together. What do you want to explore, discover, learn about, and accomplish in this experience.

1:1 coaching sessions are 1 hour long and take place on a weekly basis. For group coaching, workshops, presentations or speeches it is customized based on each client.

Real Talk with Coach T

Check out my podcast!
A podcast to have REAL (no bullshit) conversations around topics that matter to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I want to create authentic conversations, hear other peoples experiences, share feedback and allow people to grow through storytelling.

life coach podcast

I look forward to speaking with you!


Phone: 514-501-4917
Email: tania@coachtmtl.com