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Hi, I’m Tania Sabrina Epremian ! Better known in the coaching world as; Coach T .

I am a multi passionate entrepreneur who believes we need to do hard things in life but we do not need to do them alone.

 My Story

Hi, my name is Tania better known in the coaching industry as Coach T. I am a life and health coach who’s mission is to empower people to unapologetically live their happiest and healthiest life. If I had to describe myself, I’d say; unshakable optimist, authentic, resilient, direct, empathetic and passionate for helping people.

I am on a mission to elevate people around the world, to their highest potential and show them what they are capable of. To support them with personal and professional challenges they are facing. To get them to a place where they feel happy, excited and proud of who they are and the life they are living.

Impacting peoples lives around the world through vulnerable, real, action oriented and empathic coaching.

I work by helping people just like you to get very clear about who you are, isolate your goals, identify priorities, and most importantly get you to execute on what you want. I keep you accountable along the journey of us working together while reminding you that we are in this together.

I support people who are transitioning in their life, career changes, battling with mental health, work burnout, struggling with overthinking, dealing with imposture syndrome, paralyzed by fears, lack of confidence, and a myriad of other personal and professional challenges that we all face during our journey of life.

My strengths lie in my ability to be create a safe, non judgmental space where you feel comfortable to share your story with me. I pride myself in my ability to untangle your story and offer you various perspectives for you to consider.

My ability to flex empathy and curiosity through actively listening to you. Offering you the unique tools to support you through your journey. And ensuring to get you from where you are today to where you’d like to be.

Coach T

My Core Values & Beliefs


I believe in being authentic, honest and having strong moral principals. By living my life in full transparency, I inspire others to  show up proud of who they are.


To connect with people, means I show up by providing a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. I ensure to create a connection that is rooted on feelings of;  acceptance, belonging and familiarity. 


Choosing to do what I love; empowering, educating and transforming peoples lives. Helping people see their full potential, eliminate limiting beliefs and to reach far beyond their goals.


We are not here for a long time, so we must have a good time. I ensure to always inject humour and fun with my clients.

My Approach

Life Coaching

As your life coach, my approach is rooted on; transparency + safety. I believe that the only way I can support you is by your vulnerability and for me to create a safe, non judgemental space for you to share openly. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone, so I focus on creating a welcoming place for you. We work collectively through every obstacle, seeing each speed bump as a lesson or awakening moment.

Which ever coaching avenue you need support with, you can rest assure you will get a; highly skilled, committed, authentic, passionate, energetic, and REAL coach who truly is there for you!

Health Coaching

As your health coach, my approach is rooted on ; taking your whole life into consideration. I believe that our bodies deserve to be fuelled with the highest level of nutrition, in a flexible approach. I know that there is not a 1 plan fits all answer; therefore each client profile is customized to their unique body, lifestyle, food preference, dietary restrictions, fitness, stress levels and more. I believe in educating you, in order for you to understand the how and why behind what we are doing. Sharing my knowledge with you,  is pivotal for your long term success. Making your goals; my goals!


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